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Are you looking for a new ways to approach your class project?

Are you interested in creative activity that develops individual skills and group dynamics at the same time?

The choreographic workshops are at the same time creative and socio-educative and they are adaptable to the global theme of the class.

Each session include individual warm up that opens the sensibility of the children to non-verbal communication and physical expression. In the second part of the session the attention is turned towards the group and collective movements.The tasks are inspired by the theme of the class. In the third part of the session the children work in smaller groups with specific tasks that resume day’s topic in a short presentation- these presentations are followed with a short discussion , feedback and a moment to cool and calm down.

Are you interested in a multi-artistic approach?

[AIS ]organizes workshops that cross and combine other art forms,like visual arts and music, with dance and physical expression.

In these cross art workshops the theme of the class is approached from different aspects and the children are lead to find the connection between the different artistic expressions in unexpected ways- like how to draw by dancing? Or how to compose music with the body?

The cross art workshops approach the theme every time from the two disciplines.

Both the choreographic workshop or the cross-art workshops can be adapted discover for example a historic era or a new country and its culture through its arts, gestures and cultural manifestation.

Optional Restitution:

It is possible to capture the workshop on video and have a visual souvenir of the experience, and an artistic resume of the event for the participants.

If this option chosen, the last session is dedicated to the filming the experimentations on video.