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Teams have always been, and will always be, an essential ingredient for building a successful business.

“ In order to create a successful business team, the team members need to have an understanding of the mechanisms of the business and their place in this mechanism and they need to be motivated in their tasks.The leader(s) of the team need to understand how to direct all members of the team in an inspiring way to achieve what the end goal is.

In a choreography the same is true. Both the choreographer and the performers need to understand the concept and then work together, trust and rely on each other to find the right timing and tempo in order to create and perform the concept.

In the choreographic workshops we use approaches from somatic practices, improvisation and movement composition to access the topics such as creative leadership, facilitation of processes, finding inspiration, working on ideas, focus, organization and decision-making.

Creativity, presence, non-verbal communication and listening/hearing the other are main focuses of these choreographic workshops.

The sessions increase the awareness of one’s body and movement in the space.

Through the proposed exercises we learn how to lead and follow with grace and independence the group, allocate responsibility, share our weight and synchronize our movements.

With conscious availability of the body we can attain unexpected potentials of the group and of the individuals.

« The choreographic workshops » are an unique team-building activity for everyone. These workshops offer a collective artistic experience for your team that can help to solidify the social goals of your company.

Content and structure of the workshops:

The workshops are divided in two phases.The first phase starts with the individual exercises. In the beginning the participants have a moment to slow down and turn their attention towards the body.Through simple physical exercises we wake our senses and learn effective ways to boost concentration and individual well-being.

These exercises prepare our state of mind for participation and learning through kinesthetic experience.

Second phase of the workshop introduces the group to simple choreographic task(s).

We explore different ways to share each others weight, pass movements to each other, move in a group like a flock of birds, create movements chains, make speeches with gestures and etc.

The proposed tasks function as allegories to real life situations and bring the participants towards physical experiences on, for example, leadership, decision making in the group, placement in the space, sharing responsibility, synchronicity etc.

Work from the concept;

Each workshop is conceived to respond to the specific needs of your company and the group of participants. With the choice of the exercises we direct the experience towards the learning objectives.


Video registration:

It is possible to capture the workshop on video and have a visual souvenir of the experience,

and an artistic resume of the event for the participants.